FAqs – Registration and Logstics

Q: Is there a limit to the number of people that an organization may send to the 2005 Regional Risk Adjustment Training?

A: An organization may send 1 person to attend the Risk Adjustment Basic Training and 2 people to attend the Medicare Part D Payment Training.

Q: Since there is a limit to the number of people that my organization may send, how do I relay the training information to my co-workers?

A: There are two options available:

1. Training CD. Each participant receives a training CD that contains the training materials from the Risk Adjustment Basic Training and the Medicare Part D Payment Training, so you can access the information that was given and share it with your co-workers.

2. Training Video. You may request a copy of the Regional Training video that will include selected information from both training sessions. The video will be available from your Regional Office after September 2005.

Q: I have been working on risk adjustment and have attended previous training sessions. Do I need to attend the Risk Adjustment Basic Training?

A: The Risk Adjustment Basic Training is designed for staff new to risk adjustment, so information is presented at a basic level. Any updates or new information included in the training session will be communicated during monthly User Group sessions offered as needed throughout the year.

Q: In order to get the most updated information available during Regional Training, is it wise to register for the last training session in New Orleans?

A: The same general information is presented at each of the four Regional Training locations. While some information may be updated with each session, CMS will keep all organizations current on new information through User Groups, www.csscoperations.com, and other established communication routes. Organizations are encouraged to send staff to sessions that are convenient and meet their needs.

Q: Will Regional Training materials be available in advance?

A: Regional Training materials are available at each of the Regional Training sessions. Final versions of all the materials will be posted in September 2005 at www.csscoperations.com.

Q: Are binders available from 2004 Regional Training?

A: The contents of the 2004 Regional Training can be found at www.csscoperations.com/new/usergroup/traininginfo.html.

Q: Whom do I contact if my confirmation is not received?

A: Please contact Angela Reddix at (301) 519-6354 or CMStraining@aspensys.com.

Q: How do I cancel a registration or register a staff replacement?

A: Send an email to CMStraining@aspensys.com stating that you are canceling your registration. Please include your organization’s name, your first and last name, and your phone number. If sending a replacement, please include in your email, the substitute’s information, which should include the following: last name, first name, title, organization address (if different from yours), phone number, fax number, and email address. Also, list the training location and the session your replacement is attending.

Q: Is there a charge for any of the Risk Adjustment Trainings or User Group Sessions?

A: There is no charge to participate in these sessions; however, attendees are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and food expenses.

Q: What are the deadline dates for registration?

A: The dates can be found at the bottom of the online registration form.

Q: How can I access notes from previous User Group Meetings?

A: User Group Meeting notes and Q+A documents can be found at www.csscoperations.com/new/usergroup/usergroupinfo.html.