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Welcome to AspenXnet.com, a service of the Health Programs division of Aspen Systems Corporation. If you are a current client, please type in the full URL as provided by your program manager.

If you are not a current client, we invite you to Explore the Aspen Edge — Excellence. Experience. Ease. Empowerment. Our health programs division has more than 200 professionals—researchers, writers, clinicians, policy analysts, program specialists, health communicators, system programmer/analysts, trainers, and technical assistance veterans. We help our clients answer questions from the public, provide health services to under-served populations, develop and maintain partnerships, monitor data quality, meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, improve business processes, and design and implement health information systems. Our areas of expertise span the fields of clinical trials, Medicare, cancer, HIV/AIDS, genetic and rare diseases, and complementary and alternative medicine. For further information, please contact:

Alexandra Kirk
Telephone: (301) 547-6582